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How many photographs do you take during the session?

A lot, although I am from the old tradition of portraiture and have a more considered approach, I still take around 200 - 300 shots. From this you will see anywhere between 30 and 50 different images. 

Are the images you show as on-line proofs the finished results?

No. They are finished to a very high standard, but once you make your final selection for print and digital negatives each image is perfected until it passes our extreme vetting process.

What if I don’t like the images?

Well it has never happened and I am guessing it never will, if it did however you have a 100% money back guarantee or the offer of reshooting the session.

Why do you shoot the images at the clients own home and grounds?

Although I own and operate high end portrait studios, this Private Commission service is aimed at those who wish to take advantage of the convenience and ease of a one stop package. It is so easy at home to change clothing, add props, it makes the children so much more relaxed and it saves all the hassle of getting ready, parking at the studio etc. The final portraits are also more important and special to the client, using the rooms in the house as well as the grounds adds extra poignancy and personality to them.

What makes your work so much more expensive than other photographers?

A good question. A wealth of experience, communication skills honed over 35 years as a top portrait specialist and but mostly the resulting portraits when hung speak for themselves, many photographers can take a good portrait, but very few in the world can take a real work of art. I get messages from my sitters that once the portrait is hung, they find it impossible not to look at it 100 times a day.  Although the materials we use for the finished pieces are the absolute best they can be and no expense has been spared in sourcing them. For instance museum quality glass and acid free mount board, the very same that you see in all the top galleries around the world, beautiful natural wood moldings, the best fine art paper that money can buy and to finish it off the solid gold monogrammed K badge discreetly positioned to show it is a Kenneth Martin original. These are all as you would expect from a service and product with this substantial  investment, but to be honest it is the simple fact that you own a Kenneth Martin original work of personal portrait art that you are really paying for. It is Kenneth’s skill and intuition that you are buying. This is truly the most personal and precious piece of art you will ever own.

How does the travel and accommodation work?

I only charge at cost price for all travel, accommodation, food and car hire. I will source the best deals I can and pre authorize with the client prior to booking. This is added to the balance of the package and is paid on the session day.

Is there anything we as a family need to do before the session?

Only one thing, I will send you a pre session questionnaire. Just fill it in as fully as you can. If you could make sure all the clothing etc is at hand on the day it is appreciated.

Do you only shoot children, or will you do some family portraits?

Of course if I am requested to do so, I would love to shoot some family images for you, however I do specialise in children between 2 and 18 and these are my main focus.

Do you only photograph children on their own?

No if there are more than one child in the family I will do all combinations.

How many sessions do you shoot in a day?


What is the structure of the actual shoot on the day?

Well I guess they are all slightly different, but the first thing I would do on arriving at the home (or sometimes the day before) is to check all round the house and grounds for little hidden gems of locations, I often find a beautiful piece of light in the most unusual of places? I will then take some time to get to know the children. I predominately use natural light but sometimes will use my lighting kit to achieve particular shots. We move around the house and location, I try and achieve a variety of different expressions and create a good variety for you to choose from. If we are having fun and I feel we can achieve more we sometimes run over as the whole day is yours but as I said every shoot is different, the one thing that is common to all sessions is how much fun it is for everyone involved.

What are your payment terms?

Simple - 50% of the package you have selected on booking the date in the diary and the balance + the travel and accommodation at cost price is payable on the day of the portrait session.

What payments methods do you accept?

Cash, Credit Cards (Not AMEX), Debit Cards, PayPal and of course Bank Transfer which is how most of my clients pay.

Does it matter where we live?

Not at all, I have shot all over the world, whether you live in Rio or Richmond the only extra you have to pay is the travel and accommodation at cost.

Can we purchase extra portraits from the shoot for grandparents and family members?

Yes, although we concentrate our efforts on producing an exceptional art piece for the family who have commissioned the portrait, you may of course purchase extra framed portraits, finished to the same exacting standards as the original. Prices are on the main page. We also of course offer in all our packages a quantity of Digital Negatives and these are yours to keep and use as much and as often as you like, share them with the family, make you own fine art prints, use them for social media or use them as your screensaver. 

Can we get bigger framed portraits than those on the packages?

Yes you will see an upgrade option on the price list, we state images unto 30” but we can go much larger, just ask for a quote, We exclusively use Hasselblad medium format digital cameras for our commissioned portraiture which produce outstanding quality images.

We are a high profile family and do not wish to have any publicity?

Many of our commissions involve high profile families, we are used to absolute discretion. We of course love to show the world who we have been shooting, but if you say no you can be absolutely assured of total secrecy.

Where is your Studio Located?

The Kenneth Martin Studio is located amidst the incredible scenery of the upper Tweed valley in the small hamlet of Tweedsmuir, just minutes away from some of the most beautiful scenery and dramatic settings the Scottish Borders have to offer.

The full postal address is :

The Old Post Office,



Scottish Borders,

ML12 6QS,


United Kingdom.

Telephone number +00 44 7921556018.

VAT Registration Number: 170 7737 93

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